Tips on How to Purchase Low Cost Diamond Stud Earrings


Diamond studs are a piece of jewel that is widely worn by both men and women. It has a class of itself and allows you to make a style statement of your own. It comes at a slightly high price range; however, without a shadow of a doubt it’s worth the money you’ve spent. Purchasing diamond stud earrings is not an everyday thing, since it’s very expensive; for many it would be a one time purchase and they expect to buy the best that suits them the most.

Now with various online jewelry stores, a customer can get to choose from a wide range of collection of diamond studs at really exciting prices.

Tips on how to purchase diamond stud earrings that comes within your budget Basically what you should know and remember is the 4Cs for judging a diamond’s quality. The better the quality, the higher the price range; but then, why do you need the highest quality diamond when a slightly lower quality can do the job for you, and the best part being, the prices between the two are pretty significant. The first thing that needs to be taken to consideration is the clarity, and then the color engagement rings online. Carat weight and cut are something that you would have already decided on.

While looking at the clarity of the diamond, you could go for S|2 rankings or better, cause on things for sure, no one’s going to come at you with a microscope to check if there are any flaws in your diamond. Choosing a S|2 ranking diamond earring would certainly save you a lot of dollars.

On checking the color of the stone, you could go for grade I or a higher grade. The differences are very subtle and hence you could go for I which would again save you many dollars.

In short, a diamond stud earring that’s been graded G for color and S|2 for clarity is the best bet, since it would meet all your desires at the lowest price.